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Mooring Winch quotation
Product Overview:
The hydraulic winch is driven by the XHT series hydraulic transmission device, and the XHT series hydraulic transmission device is characterized by high efficiency, reliable operation, and reliable operation.
The winch is suitable for railway crane, ship deck machinery, dock and container crane hoisting mechanism, due to its compact structure so it can be directly mounted on the inside of the drum, save space. In addition, the design is easy to install.
Product Model Example:
XHTJ2.53-20-100-12-lP winch means:
Planetary reducer module for XHT2.53. The first layer of wire rope tension is 20KN, the drum volume full rope is 100m, the wire rope diameter is 12, with brake, one-way balance valve.
You are welcomed to buy and wholesale compact hydraulic winch from our factory or check its pricelist and quotation with us, which is one of the brilliant compact hydraulic winches, towing windlass, vertical windlass manufacturers and suppliers.Mooring Winch quotation

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